Balustrades and Railings in South Lake



Balustrades are the foots or spindles used to support staircases and fencing. They are formed by a long series of baluster posts designed by architectural methods.

Balustrades are held up by railings and newel posts. These are the decorative fittings used to support the balustrades and to enhance their look. The designs, sizes and shapes of balustrades may vary according to the materials and customer's requirements.

Balustrades are available in a variety of materials, ranging from stainless steel to wooden balustrades. Other materials of balustrades are aluminium, glass, metal, wrought iron, stone etc. Balustrades are installed through adhesive fittings. These fittings are drilled into the top and bottom railings firmly secured by the latest equipment.

There are different ways to install the balustrades and a blend of materials can also be used according to the customer's choice. At some places, wooden railings are used for metallic balustrades and polished timber railings are installed for wrought iron balustrades to enhance the look of the scenario.

Balustrades Materials and Uses

  • Timber, stainless steel, glass, metal and stone are some of the main material types used for the construction of balustrades and handrails.
  • For the industrial factories, shopping centres and offices, glass panels are given the priority and are used vastly. Only the most tempered glass materials are installed to prevent damages and injuries.
  • Stainless steel, metallic and aluminium balustrades are widely used for both industrial and domestic usage. They are strong, durable and provide high security. Balconies and stairs made from steel balustrades beautify the surroundings too.
  • Wooden and stone balustrades are normally used for residential purposes. The chemical and colour coatings protect the wooden railings from splitting and wrapping.
  • All the materials provide a traditional and ravishing look to the houses.

Features and Benefits

  • Balustrades are the best choice for fencing to provide complete privacy and security.
  • They specifically define the area on which they are installed.
  • Stair and balcony balustrades prevent falls.
  • The architectural designs and decorative features increase the visual interest.
  • Balustrades can be constructed from both expensive and affordable materials to suit the customer's requirements.
  • The DIY wooden balustrades are simple enough for a house owner to fabricate and install without any help of a professional.
  • Stone and wooden balustrades are maintenance free, whereas the other materials require simple cleaning and are dust resistive.
  • Plastic balustrades used with stainless steel rods are cost-effective and durable.

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